Polaris Grand Prix in English
Polaris Grand Prix takes place on Sunday 14th July 2013
There are both ITT and road race on the same day. The race starts at 11 am with Induvidual Time Trial at which the longest distance is 10 km. Road race starts at 15 with the longest distance 90 km. There are also street rides for children.

Lákšjohka - www.laksjohka.no  10 km from Sirma
Storfossen - www.storfossen.com  15 km from Sirma
Ohcejohka / Utsjoki  www.utsjoki.fi   have many options - 25 km from Sirma
Contact Per Torleiv Ravna for futher information, ptravna@hotmail.com

Oppdatert 25.06.2013
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